Typical Application

Effect Devices


High-performance Low-cost Effect DSP


EOL - Not recommended for new design!

The SAM3703 is a member of the SAM3000 family of sound synthesis/processing ICs that uses the DSP array technology. It is designed for superior quality sound processing. The 16-bit processor has new instructions and a C compiler for quicker reliable firmware development. Total compatibility is maintained with the other members of the family. Applications written for the SAM3703 can be burned into the built-in Flash memory. This memory has specific features to avoid external read of the coded data, thus ensuring very effective copy protection.


PDF Description Updated

SAM3703 High-performance Low-cost Effect DSP (not recommended for new design, EOL) Mike


Key Parameters

Package LQFP80, pitch 0.4
# on chip DSP 3
DSP type P24
max. Polyphony -
Internal Memory 8kx24 RAM + 3x 2kx24 DSP RAM, 16k Flash
External Memory 8MB SDRAM
I/O Interfaces serial MIDI, 8bit parallel Host, GPIO
Audio I/O 8 IN / 8 OUT (digital)

Programming Tools

Name Description Content

Kit for programming built-in eFuse of SAM5000 series, built-in Flash of SAM3703, and for firmware and sound bank repogramming in external Flash devices.

5000DBG-IF interface ("ProgSam" software via download)