Integrated Solutions for Audio Applications

Hardware and Software solutions for sound synthesis and sound processing since 1987

Powering the audio world for over 30 years with innovative DSP solutions

For decades, Dream has been a trusted partner for customers in various audio markets. Our solutions offer the perfect balance of performance, cost-effectiveness and quick time-to-market.


Dedicaded core with specialized hardware architecture for sound synthesis and audio processing.


Various bundles to fit any application, including hardware solutions, custom firmware, and software tools.


Wide range of typical market applications, from sound synthesis to digital interfaces and DSP processing.

Software Tools

Large set of tools including IDE, graphic development environment, firmware tools, sound bank editor and more.

SAM5000 ICs

Audio specialized architecture using proprietary technology

Combining proprietary architecture with state-of-the-art technology, this solution meets a wide range of sound synthesis and sound processing applications, from low cost to high quality levels.

Available Reference Designs
reference designs for SAM5000
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DREAM SAM5000 line audio DSP

Key features

  • 200MHz System Frequency
  • 24-bits DSP array, 4 to 16 cores
  • Hardware accelerated, double precision and 56-bit MAC operations
  • Sophisticated sample buffering system
  • Copy-protected sound banks and firmware are decrypted on-the-fly
  • Optimized MCU
  • Broad Memory Support: Serial (Quad-SPI) NOR Flash & SRAM, SDR/DDR, NOR/NAND Flash (up to 8GB)
  • Various I/O extensions: MIDI, USB, SPDIF, Ethernet MAC, SPI, UART, I2S
  • Up to 16 audio inputs & outputs

Tailored to fit any need

A broad spectrum of both standard and tailor-made applications.

Musical Instruments

Digital Piano
MIDI Sound Module

Audio Interfaces

USB Audio Interfaces
USB MIDI Controller Keyboards

Audio Signal Processing

Loudspeakers (Digital Crossover)
Small Mixers (Effects, USB Audio I/O)
Voice Processing & Effects
Guitar Effects & Amp Modeling


Dream IDE

We offer a variety of software tools that let every user create his own project regardless of his skills.

From beginner to expert

Unlock your creative potential with our versatile software tools, suitable for users of all skill levels to create their own unique projects.

Programming / Firmware Tools


Graphic development environment

Dream DSP Designer

Soundbank & instrument design

Dream Instrument Editor


Dream Style Builder, RPC, DFU and more

Graphical interface for easy configuration of DSP processes and routings inside SAM5000 series ICs.


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