DSP Designer

A user-friendly, graphical interface designed to help you create your own projects or firmware without writing a single line of code. This intuitive software is based on our proprietary library which gathers audio modules, processes and effects.

Instrument/Drumset editor & Bank compiler

Dream’s powerful synthesis engine tool allows users to design and fine tune their own sound banks and drum sets with maximum flexibility.


Collection of programming, communication & edition softwares tools.


An integrated product development and debugging tool designed for SAM sound processing ICs and compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

Device Firmware Upgrade

Tool package for programming or upgrading firmware from Dream’s evaluation/development kits or customer’s device.

Dream RPC

Toolkit containing library files and examples for using Dream RPC mechanism to communicate with a DREAM firmware through USB.

Dream Style Builder & Style Player

Toolkit aimed at creating and testing MIDI style files for SAM5000 series ICs.