How and where to order DREAM products?

If you are in the EU, please visit Profusion. From other countries, please contact us.

What if the project’s features do not match existing Dream solutions ?

Our evaluation & development solutions can be used as reference design. You has freedom to tune your targeted features on your own. If you have some technical questions, please browse first our technical documentation.

Where can software tools be downloaded?

The development suite is accessible here.

Can I have access to firmware source code or hardware schematics ?

If you purchase a development board through our official distributor network, you can easily gain access to both firmware code sources and hardware schematics by reaching us.

Custom Services

During the development and testing of a commercial product, engineering support from DREAM can be provided. A support package will be charged separately. This includes the following tasks:

  • Conceptual and design discussions for planned or in-progress products
  • Technical support for developers and testers
  • Analysis and testing of product-specific issues
  • Product-specific enhancements or features.
As custom support is very demanding, we have limited free slots. Please contact us for more info.

Third Part Services

Hardware Design

If you are from EU and looking for custom design based on our products, please contact directly our trusty partner Serdaco.

Sound Design

According to experts able to provide custom development:

  • V3 SOUND
  • Olivier Hutz
  • All Right Music

  • Order

    Our products and solutions are available worldwide thanks to a global distribution network.

    Our partners can provide you with technical support if needed. DREAM products and solutions are dedicaded to companies, manufacturers and professional designers.

    For order request regarding any of our products:

    From EU

    Please directly contact our legacy distributor in europe: Profusion.

    From anywhere else

    Please send your request we will forward it to the local distributor located in your area.

    Technical Assistance

    Despite our efforts to provide as complete technical documentation as possible, if you still have questions you can contact us via the contact form below.
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    We guarantee that the information sent will be used within the limits set by the law and exclusively by our company.