Musical Instruments

Digital Piano & Keyboard
  • Up to 256-voice polyphony
  • Accurate 88-key velocity keyboard scanning interface
  • Powerful effects (Reverbs, Chorus, Rotary, Equalizers)
  • State-of-the-art features like sympathetic string resonance and key-off samples
  • Various interfaces: USB-to-Host and to-Device, serial MIDI, SPI
  • Supporting QSPI-NOR for cost effective solutions, NAND flash for large sound bank sizes
  • High quality Piano sound packages available
MIDI Sound Module
  • For MIDI expanders, MIDI karaoke machines, digital wind instruments…etc
  • For stage pianos & keyboards, including Dream digital tonewheel-organ engine
  • Flexible configuration of effects and routings
  • Up to 256 voices polyphony
  • Huge library of high-quality sounds of all styles, available from Dream and 3rd party
  • Possibility of large sound banks stored in low-cost NAND flash memory
  • Specialized firmware with flexible routing
  • Supports Hi-Hat Pedal Control and Cymbal Choke function
  • Individual 3-bands EQ + compressor per drum channel
  • Powerful effects (Reverbs, Multi-FX)
  • Individual metronome mix for main/headphone outputs
  • Sound / wave file import via USB (Host or Device) possible
  • Ready-to-use high-quality drum sound packages, still leaving room for custom sounds

Audio Interfaces

Cost efficient USB Audio Interface solution

  • Built-In High-Speed USB controller, USB Audio Class 2.0 compliant library
  • Low Latency ASIO drivers available (Thesycon, Ploytec)
  • Up to 16 audio in, 16 audio out channels, up to 192kHz/24-bit
  • Flexible routing through internal audio busses, Direct Monitoring etc.
  • On-chip S/PDIF interface (IEC60958) with clock recovery, concurrent IN/OUT
  • On-chip UARTs for external MIDI IN/OUT
  • User-Interface (Switches, LED’s…) possible w/o additional CPU through GPIO ports
  • Support for firmware update via USB DFU Class

Audio Signal Processing

Loudspeaker / Digital Cross-Over
  • Flexible number of audio input and output channels
  • Flexible signal processing configuration with channel delay, phase inverter, limiter…
  • All common high/low-pass filter types available
  • Other filter types like Band-Pass/Band-Stop, Peak/Notch etc
  • Channel-Delay max. 500ms in on-chip RAM, can be extended by external RAM
  • Audio processing with 24 bit quality, filters at double precison with 56bit, up to 192KHz
  • All audio parameters controllable through serial interface, USB or ethernet
Voice Processing & Effects
  • Pitch-Shifter, Pitch-Correction (“Auto-Tune”), Formant change (e.g. Male->Female)
  • Harmonizer (generating Backing Vocals from the Lead voice)
  • Microphone Scoring (pitch and level detection of the singer’s voice)
  • Microphone Feedback Cancelling
  • Huge library of ready-to-use effects like high-quality Vocal-Reverbs, Echo, Chorus
  • Parametric equalizer, noise gate, compressor, overdrive etc.
Guitar Effects for Pedals & Amps
  • FX pedal: delay, wah-wah, reverb, distortion, multi-fx
  • Amp front panel: control scanning + display + FX
  • Amp modeling
  • Dedicated FX library
  • Chorus/Flanger/Phaser/Tremolo/Spring Reverb
  • Looper function into RAM or Flash memory
  • Accurate guitar tuner function
  • Reference design available for quick time-to-market